Ray++ news:

16.10.2004: Ray++ has moved to SourceForge! The most recent news can now be found at this SourceForge page.
21.09.2001: Ray++ 0.4 is finally released! Compared to version 0.3a this version fixes several bugs and introduces many new classes (shapes, lights, outputs etc.). A lot of things have happened behind the scenes to make programming for Ray++ more convenient. A configure script was added for easier portability to other Unix-like platforms. This release also contains support for MSVC 6.
14.08.2001: Uploaded a new snapshot.
16.07.2001: Uploaded a new snapshot.
20.12.2000: Uploaded a new snapshot. Updates include (hopefully) better portability to MSVC, configure-time selection of the HANDLE class, and a few interface changes (operations like exp(), abs() and sin() are now member functions).
29.10.2000: Uploaded a new snapshot.
02.10.2000: Uploaded a new snapshot.
31.01.2000: A new snapshot is available. It features greatly improved parametric surfaces and many bug fixes.
24.11.1999: Finally, there is a new snapshot. No ground-breaking new features, are included; but configuration is now done by a configure script (see the README file for more details). If the new configuration does not work for you (and I'm quite sure there will be problems), please contact me and I will fix/enhance the script. I need your feedback here because I can only test on two different systems.
01.06.1999: A new snapshot is out (sorry for the long delay). The new additions include parametric surfaces (experimental and slow, but neat), BMP and PPM output and various spotlights.
The code has been restructured a bit; namespaces are now mandatory.
18.03.1999: Ray++ v0.3a fixes a few bugs in the volume rendering code.
16.03.1999: www.linuxbox.com seems to be dead. The official Ray++ home page is now http://www.mpa-garching.mpg.de/~martin/ray++.
15.01.1999: Ray++ v0.3 is out! Since version 0.2b, several bugs have been fixed and many new classes have been added (inhomogeneous volumes, cylinders, cones, quadrics, implicit functions etc.) Give it a try and shout if there are any bugs.
14.12.1998: I switched to Doxygen for the Ray++ documentation. An (incomplete) documentation of the config and kernel subdirectories can be viewed here.
13.11.1998: From today on, the latest snapshot of Ray++ is available at the download section. Updates will happen about once per week.
30.10.1998: I completely revamped the Ray++ webpage. Loading should now be much faster. Give your comments.
Hmm, sooner or later I'll need a logo for Ray++ ...
28.10.1998: Updated Ray++ to version 0.2b. This version contains a workaround for a bug in egcs 1.1 and gcc 2.8.1 that caused the POV_HMAKER code to crash.
Executables are now linked statically by default.
24.08.1998: The current version is 0.2a, which fixes a few bugs.
17.08.1998: Version 0.2 is available for download. This version should run without modifications under Win95/98/NT and MSVC++ 5. Thanks to Andreas Kahler and Mikael Aronsson for compatibility testing!
05.08.1998: New classes for rendering specular highlights, reflections and refracted rays have been added! Have a look at the gallery!
23.07.1998: Development is starting again! The code is rewritten to make extensive use of the STL and new primitives are being added. A new release is planned for the near future.
05.02.1998: Due to lack of time (and public interest), work on Ray++ is stopped until at least May 1998! But I will still try to answer any questions.
16.12.1997: Documentation is making good progress. Check out some DOC++-documented classes in the class descriptions section.