The Code:

    RAY++ is mainly developed and tested on a Linux platform. Porting should be fairly easy if there is GNU software (gcc, GNU make) installed on the target system. You will need a nearly standard compliant C++ compiler like gcc 3.3 ( All platform-dependent code is contained in the subdirectory config.
    Current versions of RAY++ should also compile on Win95/98/NT platforms with MSVC++ 6.
    If you have successfully ported RAY++ to a new platform, please drop me a note.

    All released packages are available from the SourceForge download area.

Copying Policy:

    RAY++ is released under the GNU Library General Public License (LGPL). You are welcome to make additions to the library; if you send them to me, I will include them in the next release and give you credits in the program and on this page.

    Should you wish to make changes to code already distributed with RAY++ (especially to the files in the subdirectory kernel), please inform me first, because I want to avoid that different (and maybe incompatible) versions of the library exist at the same time.