README for Ray++ v0.4

This library is released under the terms and conditions of the
GNU Library General Public License. See the file "COPYING" for details.

Copyright (C) 1998-2001 Martin Reinecke and others.
See the AUTHORS file for more information.

To successfully compile Ray++, you need a relatively standard-compliant
C++-compiler. For testing, gcc 3.0 was used.

To build Ray++, cd to the Ray++ root directory and type
At the moment, only gcc is supported.
If you manage to compile Ray++ with a different compiler, please contact
me so that I can add your changes to

It is possible to explicitly specify the compiler executable, e.g. to write
  CXX=/some/path/g++ ./configure
This can bew useful if you have different compilers on your system.

For additional configuration options see the last lines of the output of
  ./configure --help

Alternatively, project files for MSVC++ 6.0 are provided in the subdirectory

After configuration, just type 'make' (if this does not work, try 'gmake').
This will build a library containing all classes and utilities of Ray++.

The sample programs are located in the directory programs/. Typing 'make'
in this directory will create all the executables and run them.
They will produce Targa images which can be viewed with many programs
(xv, display, etc.).

The documentation can be created with "make doc"; this requires
Doxygen 1.0, however.

The Ray++ home page is located at
This page contains pointers to the latest Ray++ information
(code, documentation, mailing lists, pictures etc.)

Have fun,
  Martin Reinecke (